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Toa Payoh holds a very special meaning to me. I spend part of my primary school and the bulk of my secondary school life commuting between home and Toa Payoh. It’s definitely a love/hate relationship with Toa Payoh.

I hated having to go to school and I particularly dislike passing by the long stretch of block 157. It was a necessary stretch where I have to pass by to go to school. I remember the time a pervert lurk in corners, exposing himself to my schoolmates, and for days to come, the stretch felt darker than it already is.

An Alzheimer’s home resides on the ground floor of the block and every time my curiosity pushes me to look in, I am returned with the vacant stare of the residents. It haunts me till now. And it hurts me even more.

But I too, recall fondly of the many hours I spent hanging out at the Mcdonalds of Toa Payoh “studying” when I just wanted to stay out. Many hours of mugging at Subway and also walking with my best friend along the same long stretch when adults problem was nowhere near.

After I graduate, I never went back to Toa Payoh for the next 7 years.

In August. M‘s uncle passed away.

This is not meant to be a sad story or anything and I was genuinely glad for him to be released. Over the years, I saw his health deteriorating rapidly and while I wished that he could get better, it was not appearing so.

M and I spent part of the time at the wake taking photos around the neighbourhood. It was by chance that I ordered a batch of film camera for COH and it was by chance, the subject was to be Toa Payoh.

Taken with Kodak Colourplus 200.

See you in the next snap,

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