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IPad Pro (2018) – WiFi+Cellular


I have never been much of a tablet person.
A faithful devotee to macbook, I firmly believe that the RAM of the laptop combined with it’s other (drop random tech words) parts will definitely outdo any tablet at any given day.

When I bought my first Ipad Mini in the winter of 2016 in Seoul – Gangnam to be exact. I bought it in desperation, believing that it will be a cheaper alternative than a new macbook – my old macbook was dying.

Although it turned out, the dying macbook managed to live for another few months and the Ipad Mini was almost useless. It was really hard to type on it, I didn’t like replying emails on it, heck, writing a full article with it was not going to happen. For the next 3 years, against my original intention, the iPad mini went on to accompanied me on countless days as a game and video console.

Since then, my faith for the macbook deepened. Until quite recently, I came across videos – Procreate, Lightroom, iMovie, etc. The IoT-fairy knows me and damn, did it got me hard. The next thing I knew, I was diagnosed with Ipad Obsession – I was crazily reading articles after articles. My recommended articles were Ipad-related and I didn’t want to leave the Apple store after browsing. So then, I saved and finally got my hand on the IPad Pro and as of writing, barely 2 days old.

I have been hesitating though – deciding between the rumoured upcoming 2020 model but I finally decided – The IPad Pro – 6th Generation.

For anyone interested, I got the cover+keyboard on Taobao.

Apple Pencil – 2nd Generation


I fell in love with the Apple Pencil before the tablet. Being a Wacom user, I have been drooling over the variety of Wacom that allows the user to draw directly on the screen with animation. The Apple Pencil was all that I ever wanted.

The Apple Pencil is extremely intuitive and easy to use. I like the thickness and grip of it. The tip was smooth and I can say I adapted the pencil pretty well. And it is only my 2nd day with it.

After 3 hours with the Apple Pencil

Muji Aroma Diffuser

To divert a little from the Apple stuff, I got the Muji Aroma Diffuser from a friend, Mash, for my birthday. It’s a lot niftier than my current one in terms of size and portability. The diffuser comes in 2 light settings and timer set on a min of 30 mins to 180mins. While I like the look of it and how compact it is, I find the inability to adjust the strength and a maximum of 180mins per session somewhat lacking. The diffuser is also kind of loud – with the frequent “tick” sound going off and accompanied by the sound of bubbling water.

Mash also got me the “Break Time” scent which I love very much. The scent is made up of Lemon, Sweet Orange, Blood Orange, Bergamot and Juniper Berry. The top note consists of a light uplifting citrus scent, somewhat similar to a fresh lemon peel. The middle note was somewhat floral and the base lingered with a firmer citrus scent. Overall, the scent was refreshing and is definitely different from my usual mint, eucalyptus or cotton.

Disclaimer: Please take note that none of the products in this post were sponsored.

Photos edited and writing done fully on the iPad.

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