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As 2019 come to a close and we are officially 7 days in 2020, recalling what I did in 2019 feels like the replaying of football highlights but with less pomp.

And less bald guys cheering.

So let’s cut to the chase and round up my 2019:


Hello Tokyo Tower

In the beginning… M and I crossed over the New Year in Osaka, Japan. It was our first New Year overseas together and this 2019 also marks our 2nd anniversary, so congratulations on that.

New Year in Japan means jostling with the crowd for some New Year sales (which was almost non-existent). This trip we managed to cover 4 cities – Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo and Yokohama.

I had the chance to bring M to my favourite city – Kyoto and we also manage to go to Yokohama. Despite being in Japan many times and repeated invitation from my friend to go to Yokohama, I have postponed the trip till now. Turns out I really like Yokohama. Although I certainly can’t say the same for M because it was freezing cold for him and the sea breeze definitely help send additional chills down his spine.

Osaka Castle

Coming back, we celebrated our 2nd year anniversary. Which in my opinion is a miracle we actually outlasted but as I am writing this 13days away from our 3rd year, I will call it a pretty good call.


In February, we visited the cat cafe in the west aka Mash’s house. Thank you to Mash for hosting us and renewing our friendship for another year. Can you believe, we just crossed our 11 years of friendship (and 12years in 2020)?

Our friendship is just kind of weird sometimes. We weren’t the closest while studying but somehow we struck out and remained friends. Eternally grateful to you my dear friend.

And in Feb, I visited the worse Yong Tao Foo place ever. I am so petty that I dedicated a spot on this post for you, auntie.

My personal favourite yong tao foo place was closed for the CNY break and we had to go to the “Hakka Ampang Yong Tau Fu” 2 shops down. Almost one year later the pain is still etched somewhere in my memory so, please. I did it for you, so don’t do it to yourself. Unless you are aiming for hypertension with bad service than please go ahead.

Moving into CNY (sigh and CNY is like approaching so much earlier this year damn). CNY 2019 was the usual affair (after I met M), we did nothing much but just collect angpaos. On recollection, I lost all my angpaos to M’s friends in one single day of gambling. -.-; That’s why kids, don’t believe in “one last time”.

Also in Feb, we went to the Prudential Carnival. As usual, I didn’t win anything and M won 2 plushies. I seriously think that anything that involves luck is going at a different direction from me.


On the 11th day of March my true love cooked for me

March literally came and went. I worked the whole of March away…

But I put together some Labo stuff which was nice… On retrospect, they have not been touched since then…


April was the month of non-stop eating. I still did nothing but work and eat.

Taking M’s Marche Virginity


Things got a little more exciting in May. I went to BKK with M and 3 of his mates from secondary school. We have been discussing this trip for quite a bit before we actually got down to it.

Jewel = Holiday

I have not travelled in a group for quite a while so it was quite a nice change.

While M went with Reynard to do his tattoo, Wy and I went to the (now-closed) Totoro cafe! Mad love for the theme and decorations! Thanks, Wy for the treat!

Although the biggest highlight I have to say at the end of the trip has got to be WS who just lugged bags of groceries back as if he went to the supermart rather than a vacation.

A few days after coming back from Bangkok, I flew off to Australia for work.


I had the opportunity to travel to Melbourne (which was a lovely city btw) and Sydney (love the metropolis vibe) for work and experience what the working culture is like. The two states’ working style was surprisingly different but nonetheless, allow me to learn and adapt.

I also listened to many recommendations to get Viet food in Aussie and I hate you, people, for unlocking a new cuisine. Now my craving varies more and I may or may not be able to fulfil it! Argh!

But of course, the biggest takeaway is receiving my very first bouquet!


Early June saw me flying to Malaysia for work yet again.

Spending 2D1N in Malaysia with le intern.

And then, Pink Dot happened – I have been wanting to, for many years join the Pink Dot as a volunteer but I was kind of scared and… lazy. But in the end, I manage to take time out and join the event.

I have a couple of friends asking if I will be taking part again this year… Part of me joined with the idea of making friends with common intention (non-biased towards anyone) but I realise that most of the volunteers have been volunteering for years and they actually have their own cliques – the “newcomer” is very often ostracised although they try to get you to join them for dinner etc but then they go on and hold conversations on their own. It’s like being in a girl school all over again. Kinda… not so cool about the experience. But the intention of the Pink Dot event, full-on support.


July saw M and me’s 900 days together and I wanted to spring a surprise for him so I planned a 2D1N trip in Bintan. Unintentionally I broke the surprise to him about a week prior because I was afraid to pack his luggage for him (I even bought him swim shorts online LOLS) but lucky for me M was happy about the idea and he said that I should have just told him.

Read about it here.

The rest of July passed in a busy whirlwind with M’s family moving out of his (almost) childhood home and poof, came August.

Amidst all the chaos, M still found time to buy our favourite muachee


People watching kind of date

On National Day, I made the mistake thinking that entry to the Science Centre was free so I made M go with me only to realise it wasn’t free…

But since we were already in the west, might as well…

We ended August on a more solemn note bidding goodbye to M’s uncle. I hope he is in a better place now.


M went on a solo trip to Bangkok (yet again) in September and when his faithful girlfriend waited 4 hours for him at the airport but one gate away from his belt, he came ranting. -.-

M booked his BKK trip in a huff because I booked a solo trip on my own but after he got back from BKK, he decided that it was unsafe for me to go on my own and bought tickets to trail along too.

Hello Yet Again, Airport!

So I made it to Ho Chi Minh City/ Saigon! While the trip was arguably good, the culture of the country really surprised me. Curious? Read all about it here.

We also went on a little more walking tour around Singapore and stop lazing (actually it’s mostly just me) at home.

And pushing this guy to stop procrastinating on getting his furniture for the room


We welcomed our 1000 days at L’entrecote. Hmmmm, the steak~

Chef M finally made bento for me to bring to work and thank you Chef M for the laska. It was so very gooooood~

We round-up October having Korean BBQ at Mr Wong’s birthday party. ><


In Nov, we took our first ever road trip to Malaysia. Half prompted by work and the other half just because we wanted to try. M hemmed the wheel for the whole duration and I am very proud + thankful to him. Click here to read about the trip.

Here is he, finally with his favourite 甜不辣

I also hit another year older in November.

Always grateful to have you in my life.


Post birthday cheers with my sissy at ANTI:DOTE.

I took the last flight of my year with a journey to Thailand which I am still in the midst of updating. If you are interested, here are the links to post one and post two.

Every trip as always taught me something new. Be it culture, person or myself.

I ended the year as a bridesmaid for Nicole. Thank you for bringing us together again and thank you for all those crazy years (and your crazy father (joking only uncle)). If it really was not this Nicole Tan during Sec 1 roll call, my sec 1 life would have been anything but fun. Finally, you have settled down so please ah. Maintain.

Looking back, 2019 was a year full of travel and opportunities. I added cities into my bucket lists and learnt a lot more about people and their cultures. So overall, while 2019 was nothing of splendour and sparkle, I indulged in serenity and stability. This 2020, I hoped that there will be more spark, (travel) challenges and may everyone receive the tranquil they seek.

Till then again,

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