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It’s 10mins to 4pm and I am already running late meeting Seiriol. She has been waiting for the past 15mins with food ordered for a friend whose Grab ride cancelled last minute on her. I am so sorry Seiriol.

My first time at Pacamara and it was unexpectedly empty on a Saturday. I join Seiriol on the long table near the door. It’s strange that they assigned the “almost worse” seat in the cafe to a reservation. In true Big Bang Sheldon style, the seat is “near the entrance and receive frequent warm gush of air from patrons opening the door”, “the seat back face the counter making it the ideal space for patrons to stand around and look at the menu while ever the gently butting the one sitting”, “additionally, the big window to my right allows passerby to gawk at my food choices”.

Nope, she did not gawk.

On the bright side, the service team at Pacamara were friendly and prompt at. They were professional and quick to suggest alternatives should my preferred menu item run out.

We had the buffalo wings, truffle fries and sauteed mushrooms. The buffalo wings were tangy, juicy and packed a light punch. The truffle fries although was not perfumed enough with the familiar gasoline (how I feel truffle smells like), were well done and the cheese definitely elevated the dish. The star though has to be the sauteed mushroom. It was well seasoned and the choice of mushrooms matched well with one another and the dish was extremely flavourful.

While I really like the food and vibes here, I felt that the price point definitely did not match up to the location and quality of food. $8 for a plate of truffles fries and $6 for a measly portion of mushroom. Nonetheless, will I be back? Probably. When I am feeling all rich and wants to be spoiled by mushrooms.


Prompt and Friendly Service

Little Crowd

Great Place To Hang Out


Price–performance ratio - Medium

Inconvenient Location

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