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When you hit the 3rd year of a relationship. Dates become mostly practical, hardly any whimsical. And in this case, a simple “I bought an online voucher and forgot about it.”-cal.

There are occasions that I buy vouchers. Most time because there were a sales and I managed to snag it but once too many time I forgot about them – the vouchers, hiding in that tiny space behind the yellow Chope icon on my phone. Just as always, I was rushing off to use this voucher one week before it expire.

Starting the day with the narcissistic M who dresses like he is booking back in Camp.

My cheap ass bought a 1 for 1 voucher for Chunky Lobster at SGD28.90 off Chope during one of the sales. I never had a lobster roll and I just find it not justifiable enough for me to blow a good 50 bucks on a single sandwich roll. Damn. I even find Subway sandwiches overpriced (although I have to say I succumbed to loving Subway).

Located at the basement of Bugis Junction wedged between Taimei (omg I loved them) and Mr Bean, I can’t believe we missed it and spent a good amount of time searching for it.

M got the Chunky’s Cheezy while I got the one with mentaiko (top-up was required). Because of the lack of seats or even standing area at the basement, we had to bring it somewhere else to eat.

I was pretty excited to pop my cherry lobster roll but alas, right off the bat (or the hook in this case) – the lobster was lacklustre. In fact, the crew at chunky lobsters’ interest in their phone was much more than this lobster ever will be.

While the bread was amazingly toasted (although I do wish for more butter) and the lobsters were indeed, chunky, there were still bits that dragged the score down – For one, the mentaiko had an overall fishy smell. Not sure if it was from the lobster itself or the mentaiko sauce but M’s Chunky Cheezy fared a lot better, there was no fishy smell but the taste was almost flat and got easily satiated. I do think finishing it off with some herb might actually help uplift the taste.

The sides – their in-house casava chips were alright with me while M thought it didn’t go well together and the chips tasted a lot like the ones we get at our favourite karaoke place – Manekineko. The seafood chowder though, shone through and was packed with solid ingredients like shrimp, salmon and clam and was well seasoned.

Overall, the portion turned out really filling and it took us about 2 hours of walking before I could finally take down my favourite pancake at Belle-Ville.

Another story for another day

Decently Priced - Especially with the discount

Location - Easily Accessible


No Eating Area Around

Mentaiko Taste Funny

Staff's Attitude - Meh

15-20mins wait for a "fast-food" lobster roll

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