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Apologises for the lack of update, I am going to continue the Thai adventure post. So welcome back for those tuned in and shame on you for those who haven’t been. Out of courtesy (and views), you may want to catch up on:

So after the “wild” night at Pai, we were finally heading home today. I still can’t get over how I was made to spent to fly all the way to Mae Hong Son and stayed less than 14 hours there and we were out. But all is good because we were finally homebound.

We had breakfast at one of the local eateries. Got the usual fare of roast pork with rice and as usual, it was good.

Wat Den Sali

On the way back home, we dropped by one of the biggest temple complex in the Chiangmai area – Wat Den Sali/ Wat Ban Den.

The temple ground was huge and there were many different shrines, each of the shrines house a different animal from the 12 zodiacs. Other then the locals, there was a huge influx of Chinese tourists too, it’s true. They are everywhere.

A very opulent looking temple

As we were heading back to M’s family home today, M’s relatives offered to make us dinner. So along the way back, we dropped by a random local market to get some groceries.

Pretty sure this was farmer’s market before the hipster came in. Unlike the typical market, I felt that this one was sans of the hustle and bustle. It is in place, replaced by a systematic and polite crowd. No nonsense, just straight-up buy and sell.

Apart from the usual fruits and vegetable, there were live chickens next to the lady cooking sausages, kids running in between aisle of vegetables and dogs taking their morning naps. What a sight.


The iconic white house

The ride from Pai back to Fang took about 3 hours. The Fang district is a little town 3 hours ride away from Chiangmai city and while the town is small, it’s packed with all the modern amenities like the 2 hotels, hospital, the 2 hypermarts (there is Watsons and Krispy Kreme)! So I was not too worried about being back actually. Hahahah.

I always find it amazing that the town never changes. The shops in Tesco 2 years ago when I was here, is still the same. The 7-11 at the corner is still around and the food stall selling fried chicken is still managed by the same person. If time travelling was a thing, Fang is probably where I went back to.

The obsession with oneself is real.

Life in the “village” is always on a comfortably slow pace mode. Some nights we fall asleep to the dogs barking and howling away in the distance and sometimes we wake up to the village broadcast.

On the first night back in Fang, we went to M’s gramp place for dinner. M’s gramp is a farmer and he plants rice, chilli, corn and a lot of other crops. They are self-sufficient and sell the extra crop as supplementary income.

I honestly envy M’s grandfather’s way of life. The simplicity of not over complicating and just living from day to day. It’s a realisation that one only derives from the bustling and over pressurizing working life but for M’s gramps’ family, it’s their way of life.

Dinner’s concept was farm-to-table (see, I know all the trend). M’s relatives made us a huge spread. Although there were some dishes that I cannot get used to (fish sauce, I am sorry), I am very grateful for their effort. Sitting around together on the mat makes the whole experience extremely special and homey.

The relatives even had a “Kanom Krok Cooking” segment together. Somehow it feels like a primary school excursion where we went sightseeing at the plantation, experiencing dinner with the locals and then even got to do “hands-on” cooking. LOLS.

While we were back in Fang, we took day trips to the nearby town as well which I will share in my later posts.

Fast forward to our last night, we had Mookata buffet at a restaurant beside the gym (what? I know) and a karaoke bar. The restaurant was crowded but the atmosphere was fun

Last dinner in Fang

When we were back in Fang, we did not really do much. It was a lot of resting and gearing up for our day trips. Boring as it may sound, I really did enjoy myself a lot and hopefully, we will back doing our own road trip someday!

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